City of Bellaire
Public Works Jobs

We work to continuously enhance and maintain our city's Infrastructure. Services provided include street maintenance, traffic control, drainage, water and wastewater, and solid waste and recycling. Our department is made up of talented employees that are working towards achieving our overall goal of providing a healthy environment and exceptional services for our residents and the community.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to improve and maintain the city's civil infrastructure, which includes streets, traffic control, potable water, and wastewater, and to provide solid waste collection and disposal.

Our Major Objectives

  • Replacement of all sanitary sewer mains
  • Replacement of all water distribution lines
  • Pavement rehabilitation or reconstruction of all streets
  • Major and minor storm sewer improvements
  • Upgrade traffic control methods and devices

Equipment Operators

Work in Solid Waste, Streets & Traffic/Drainage or Water/Wastewater. You will have opportunities to explore minor and major duties. We provide the collection and disposal of wastewater, street maintenance, and removal of waste and recycling materials. Get ready to do rewarding work!


Work in Solid Waste, Streets & Traffic/Drainage or Water/Wastewater. You will be making a difference in the community by performing water and sewer repairs, providing upkeep to the roads, and gathering solid waste/recycling to transport to a landfill/recycling center. This is a great space for individual development giving you the opportunity for advancement and growth. Get ready to make every day a great day!


Positions include: Crew Leader, Foreman, and Superintendents throughout the department. Working closely with your crew gives you opportunity to develop your team and provide them with the right guidance to do the job effectively. Your ability to adjust when shifting tasks will determine your success and job satisfaction. Get ready to be the difference!

What Our Employees Have To Say

  • “The best part of working for the City of Bellaire has to be the people (residents & coworkers). Every day is actually a good day in Bellaire. The Public Works Department is like a family with good and bad but at the end of the day all is well. Sometimes the stress of all the duties we have to accomplish in a day is nerve wracking, but when you receive a “thank you” from a resident it makes it worth the effort. Bellaire has blessed me beyond belief and I continue to serve the City and residents with the utmost pride.”

    — Horace Gulley

  • “My favorite part of working for the City of Bellaire is the opportunity to serve people. I’ve always enjoyed helping people and sometimes the greatest reward is seeing the joy on someone’s face when you do them a service. I can say that I have had the luxury of working in a large city (Houston) and a place like Bellaire; which is like a little slice of heaven. In the two years I’ve been here, I’ve had nothing but admiration for everyone.”

    — John Hall

  • “My favorite part of working with the City of Bellaire is the acknowledgement and recognition of its employees. We are constantly complimented by our fellow employees, management, and residents. I am honored to work for the City because I was given a chance to advance from Laborer to an Equipment Operator 1.”

    — Sheneka Gulley

  • “There are several reasons I enjoy working for City of Bellaire. There is always something new to learn about the City and opportunities for growth through my job. The City of Bellaire has afforded me an opportunity to work with great people that are professional and passionate about their jobs. I would say to anyone that is considering working for the City of Bellaire to be prepared for a life changing experience.”

    — Darold Bailey

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