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A Meaningful Career

Our department consists of an excellent team of 21 paid professional dual certified paramedic firefighters, along with a group of dedicated volunteers. Our firefighters are committed to our Community, protecting lives and property while making a positive difference each day. Whether you are looking to further your experience, make a career change, or looking for a great place to plant your roots, the City of Bellaire wants you to be part of our growing community.

You Matter

Your hard work and self-sacrifice get noticed in the small City of Bellaire. You will be very involved with the everyday operations of the firehouse. As you become more acquainted with the individuals you serve you will quickly realize our community truly respects your integrity and gratitude.

Your Dedication

Every day will bring you challenges, opportunities, and new training. Your personal and professional development is important to us.

Your Team

You will be expected to build a working environment based on trust and respect for each other. Being part of the team means you will spend a lot of time together in close quarters, and no matter what situation you encounter, someone will always have your back.

You are a true first responder - by being the best firefighter and EMT-paramedic possible.

As a first responder, you will maintain a high standard of physical fitness to be able to perform your job efficiently and work long shifts to ensure the station is prepared for an emergency at any time of the day. With that said, we value your confidence, resilience and commitment to excellence. We provide several cross training opportunities that allow you to experience diversity in the day to day duties.

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What Our Firefighters Have To Say

  • “There are two things that stand out the most in my one year working at Bellaire FD: station tours—whether Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts, school classes and special event days. The time and support from the community, council members and all city employees during these events truly show the value of our relationships and continued progress of our city. We also have so much fun because we are all involved.”

    — Donald Elmer, Firefighter Paramedic

  • “I came to work for Bellaire Fire Department after having a few months of trying a different career. When deciding on where in Houston to work, I was looking for a department with quality over quantity. The quality aspects about working in a small city like Bellaire is that every employee of the fire department matters and plays many roles in day to day operations. I also liked the quantity being small in that only 21 employees are staffing the station 24/7 on 3 shifts of 7 at a time. The department also takes great interest in personal development to be the best trained firefighter and EMT-paramedic possible as well. Training and certifications do not fall through the cracks like at some larger departments.”

    — Carl Nedzel, Firefighter Paramedic

  • “One of the best parts about working here is the acceptance of the members and camaraderie we have. Working here at BFD is unique because we are a tight knit group. We get to really bond with one another as we don’t transfer from station to station since we only have one. This allows us to really create deep relationships with each other and provide support in any aspect in life; it’s a true family atmosphere here.”

    — David Cagigas, Firefighter Paramedic

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Hiring Minimum

  • Texas Commission on Fire Protection Basic Firefighter Certification
  • Texas Department of State Health Services Certified Paramedic
  • We will consider out of state applicants with IFSAC Firefighter I-IV and NREMT-P who are seeking Texas Certifications.

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